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Questions You Should Ask During a Job Interview

ask questions in an interview

Asking thoughtful questions during a job interview can help you understand the role better and demonstrate your genuine interest.

Pro Tip: Take a leather bound binder with blank paper into the interview. Use it to take notes and write their answers to your questions. It is also good to have extra copies of your resume in your binder. Don’t expect them to already have your resume–you have no idea who is in the meeting, or if they are filling in for someone else. Showing you are prepared is a huge plus, and a warm personality with a smile will engage everyone present.

Here are five questions you might consider asking when applying for a job at a restaurant:

What is the restaurant’s approach to customer service?

This question shows your commitment to providing excellent service and helps you understand the establishment’s values.

Can you describe the team dynamic in the kitchen and front of house?

Understanding how the team operates can give you insight into the working environment and help you determine if it’s a good fit for you.

How does the restaurant handle peak hours and busy periods?

This question demonstrates your willingness to adapt and work efficiently during busy times, showcasing your dedication to contributing to the team’s success. It will also reveal when the restaurant really needs you at work, and if that aligns with your personal availability.

What opportunities for professional growth and development does the restaurant offer?

This shows your ambition and interest in advancing within the company, highlighting your commitment to personal and professional growth. Be careful not to sound like you only want a foot in the door. Instead present your interest in professional development as a way to be your personal best as what you do.

Can you share more about the menu and any special features the restaurant is known for?

This question reflects your enthusiasm for the restaurant’s offerings and allows you to express your genuine interest in the establishment.

Remember to tailor these questions based on the specific context of the restaurant and the job position you’re applying for.